The Best Fishing Spots in the Florida Keys

There are nearly 30 million registered anglers throughout the United States. We absolutely love to fish in this country, and one of the best places in the whole country for anglers to try out is the Florida Keys.

If you’re new to the angling game, or you’re looking for boats for sale in the Florida Keys, then you’re going to want an inside scoop on where the best angling can be had.

Key West

Key West is a great place to go fishing because it has a wide variety of species that can be found in the area. The warm tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico make for excellent fishing conditions year-round. In addition, the area is surrounded by coral reefs and mangroves, making it a great place to find a variety of fish. The fishing spots are easily accessible from the shore and the shallow waters make it easy to cast a line and start fishing. With so much variety and easy access, Key West is an excellent destination for any angler!

Big Pine Key

The Atlantic side of Big Pine Key is abundant with coral and great for the fishing opportunities it provides. Take your brand-new boat away from the shoreline for a day and you’ll find great opportunities to fish for Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and even billfish (season depending).

The lower Keys are less visited than Key West or the Upper Keys making it a perfect place if you desire a spot of quieter fishing out in the Florida Keys.


The Marathon, or more specifically, the Marathon Hump, is heaven for anybody looking for some deep-sea fishing. The Hump, as it’s known, is an area near Marathon where the water depth can plunge to as much as 500ft.

The actual hump itself is an underwater mountain that offers good shelter to bait fish. Fish around here and you can find larger migratory, pelagic predator fish, blackfin tuna, and mahi.


Islamorada is often referred to as the sport fishing capital of the world. It’s no wonder thousands of anglers pay it a visit every year to see what all the hype is about.

The area provides many different environments to cast your line into. Try the offshore reefs and wrecks, or move to the flats to try and catch yourself a Bonefish or Snook.

Key Largo

Finally, we come to Key Largo. Key Largo is more famed for its diving scene, but trust us, there is so much amazing fishing to be done here.

A couple of miles off the coast from Key Largo, you can find the Bibb and the Duane, two wrecked ships that are home to snapper, grouper, and amberjack to name but a few.

Find Boats for Sale in the Florida Keys

It’s all well and good knowing the best places to go and fish, but if you haven’t got a boat, then you can’t get there in the first place. Luckily for you, you’re reading this article on just the right website.

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